Effective Home Remedies For Dark Spots

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We have briefly discussed the different treatments for dark spots (hyper-pigmentation) and would like to go into further detail about the different home remedies for dark spots that can be used to help your skin.

We have also discussed some safe over the counter treatments that are available and why they’re very effective in removing various skin pigmentation issues.

When it comes to different home remedies that can be used to treat dark spots most of the ones that we’ll be talking about here can be found in your kitchen or at a local supermarket.

We have not personally tested all of the remedies available here so please keep this in mind when using this page as a reference. With that said we have used a lot of them and have had great results. Also, the ones we haven’t used we’ve researched and found results from others that helped us to judge their effectiveness.

Removing dark spots from your skin is a process that will need to be adhered to in an effort to see the desired results and to keep those results positive. These remedies are applications to the skin that will allow you to treat your dark spots and while they may not be a miracle cure, they are certainly the most effective natural ways of dealing with them.

Most of the treatments if not all of them listed here are all natural. This means that these products contain no man-made chemicals and are the safest products for the skin.

There is no risk involved with the use of these home remedies on your skin with the exception of the occasional allergy of the skin and different food allergies. When using natural treatments, allergies should always be carefully considered and well known before you decide that the all natural method is the best for you.

Some of the natural treatments and their applications are listed below

Natural Treatments

The first, and by far the best, product you can use on your skin before any treatment is applied is sunscreen. Sunscreen itself is by far the best prevention method you can take when it comes to dark spots on your skin. When you use different prevention methods on your skin prior to getting dark spots you significantly reduce the risk of needing any treatment at all.

For dark spots that were not caused by damage from UV (ultraviolet) light, We’ve made a list of some of the best natural remedies that are available and they can be found below.

Lemon and LimeLemon/Lime/Orange Juice – Apply this juice to the affected area twice daily for 10-15 minutes during each application. The Vitamin C contained in these juices is the agent that will effectively lighten and remove blemishes and spots on your skin.

The juice you choose should be applied for at least two weeks or until the desired result is achieved. You can also mix these juices with Apple cider vinegar, honey, or potatoes to increase the effectiveness and create a thicker application (like a type of mask). Clean cotton swab dabbing is the most effective means of applying juices to the areas you would like to see lightened.

Milk – Milk is another application that can be applied to the affected area for 10 minutes, using the dabbing method, twice a day for up to 6 weeks. It should then be wiped clean after the 10 minutes to allow the area to breathe.

Potatoes – Slices of potatoes can be applied to various areas on your skin to lighten them up and remove any spots or blemishes you may have. You can also use a mix of mashed potatoes, lemon juice, and honey as a mask to remove or lighten areas you would like to see looking brighter and vibrant.

Red OnionRed Onion Juice – Another juice that can be dabbed on the skin until it dries and wiped away after a half hour or so is red onion juice.

Yogurt – Plain Yogurt when combined with corn starch or yeast makes an effective applicant for dark spot removal to be applied and washed off after a 15 minute period.

Green Tea and Green Tea Extracts – Applying green tea to any affected areas can also assist in lightening and removing affected pigmentation of your skin . Green tea extracts are another great way to accomplish your desired skin tone and results.

Sandalwood Powder PasteSandalwood powder, glycerin, and milk or honey can be formed into a paste for application that can be applied and removed at your convenience and are very effective in lightening up certain areas of your skin.

Castor Oil – This remedy is used to moisturize and lighten the spots on your skin you’re not comfortable with. You can also use an extra virgin olive oil and unflavored oatmeal mix for about one to three minutes each day. Be sure to completely wash this off after every use to not over lighten your skin.

Aloe VeraAloe Vera and Vitamin E – While also effective in reducing sunburns these two remedies are great for lightening skin and keeping it vibrant a glowing. Aloe Vera should not be used to lighten acne scars only because it is most effective when used on sun spots.

This list is ever growing and there are many other home remedies for dark spots that can be used. Do not limit yourself by not using other methods that are suggested because they are not listed here.

Our compilation here is just one of many and contains some of the most well know remedies that actually work and can be found in your kitchen or local supermarket. Mostly, just have fun and keep your skin looking and feeling great.

Tip: By trying different combinations of the various elements above, you may find one more effective than what we have listed here. You might also find the next wonder treatment for people who aren’t happy with their skin. Just keep us in mind when you do. We’d love to add it to our list!

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